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Charlotte & Allan Engagement Session

We met up with Charlotte and Allan at Compton Acres, it's a great venue for photography and since their wedding will be there it allowed us to hear their ideas for using Compton Acres and it's stunning grounds for their wedding photography.

It's April so there was some rain to contend with, between showers we got some beautiful images :)

Charlotte had requested a special image, a nighttime shot set against the backdrop of a lit building. There's plenty of options around Dorset but we suggested Rhinefield House in the New Forest. Rhinefield House is well known to us and is very popular for New Forest weddings so we knew it would be great for the shot Charlotte had in mind.

After Compton Acres we stopped off with Charlotte and Allan at the Cat and Fiddle for a bite to eat while we waited for it to get dark. It was a great opportunity to get to know them both better and by the time we were done eating the light outside was perfect for the second part of the shoot at Rhinefield House Hotel.

A great day and some stunning images :)

Compton Acres Gardens

Compton Acres Gardens

Wedding Compton Acres

Rhinefield House Hotel

Wedding Rhinefield House